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Ownership of a Puppy includes a commitment that is wider in scope than providing doggy necessities and allowing this jovial little pet to occupy a portion of your home. Samoyed ownership is a give-and-take relationship that will continue throughout the little dog’s life. That enjoyable companionship thrives when each member of the pair respects the other and camaraderie rules the union. Your Puppy will entertain you, love you, and be obedient and faithful to you if you spend time with your doggy friend.


The Samoyed is a cheerful dog and one that always boast having a smile on their face which is one of the reasons why the breed has proved so popular not only here in the USA, but elsewhere in the world too. Apart from their lovely looks with their gorgeous, sparkling white coats and dark eyes, the Samoyed is a delight to have around thanks to their affectionate, fun-loving and cheerful natures. However, they are not the best choice for first time owners, because although clever and quick to learn, the Samoyed can prove challenging to train.

History: The Samoyed we know today boasts an interesting ancestry and were named after the Samoyed tribes of Siberia. However, the breed was developed by two tribes namely the Samoyed and the Nentsy and it was fur traders who came across these dogs during their trading expeditions to the Arctic. The fur traders brought their dogs back to Britain with them, but at the time they were described as white and black dogs. It was dogs of this type that were used on the very first Polar expedition. However, it was the white dogs that boasted stand-off coats that became the most recognizable throughout the world. Today, the Samoyed remains one of the most recognized dogs thanks to their charming smiley faces, their sparkling white coats and their dark, expressive eyes.

Appearance: Height at the withers: Males 51 - 56 cm, Females 46 - 51 cm Average weight: Males 23 - 30 kg, Females 23 - 25 kg Samoyeds are attractive dogs with their dark eyes and sparkling white coats and tails that curl over their backs. These lovely dogs always have a smile on their faces which adds to their overall endearing looks. When it comes to their coat, the Samoyed boasts a lush, thick, close and very soft outercoat with a much shorter undercoat which has harsher hair that grows through it. Their hair stands away from the body and provides the Samoyed with a lot of protection from the elements. The accepted breed colours are as follows: White White and biscuit White and cream

Temperament: The Samoyed is known to be friendly by nature both with people and other dogs. They enjoy being part of a family and involved in everything that goes on in a household. Not only do these fun-loving dogs appear to always enjoy life with their wonderfully smiley faces and their alert dark eyes, but they really do take things in their stride loving nothing more than being in the great outdoors expending all that energy they have inside of them. They are highly intelligent, but they are also one of the more sensitive Spitz-type dogs. They have retained a very independent streak in them which can make training them a little bit of a challenge. Samoyeds need to know their place in the pack and who is alpha dog in a household to be truly happy, well balanced and obedient dogs.


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